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A web app for investigating potential disease-causing variants in real-time.

A web app to review sequencing and case metrics, candidate variants, and generate report.

A web app for generating list of genes based on suspected conditions and phenotypes.

An alignment data inspector tool that quickly samples bam files and visualizes a series of metrics

A variant data inspector tool that quickly samples vcf files and visualizes a series of metrics

A web app for integrative examination and functional prioritization of tumor mutations

A web app for interpreting genomic patient data in the context of large disease cohort datasets


Taxonomer is an ultra-fast and interactive metagenomics analysis software that dramatically improves the accuracy and speed of universal microorganism detection by Next Generation Sequencing.

IDbyDNA has licensed the Taxonomer technology from the University of Utah, further developed the Taxonomer software, and created more comprehensive classification databases. As part of a collaboration with Frameshift Genomics, it has taken the visualization features of the free academic site, and added further iobio-powered user interface features. The resulting "freemium" analysis app expands the search to include bacterial and viral Uniref sequences, and its Full Analysis mode allows offline, but complete, analysis of a dataset with even tens of millions of sequencing reads. Try this tool at

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