IOBIO needs your help

To continue the IOBIO project, we are submitting grant proposals requesting additional funding to continue development of the IOBIO platform, improve and add features to existing apps (with input from you, the community) and build new apps.

If you use IOBIO apps and would like to see it maintained and improved, you can help us build a convincing case for continued funding by writing a letter of support for the project. Securing funds for developments such as IOBIO is by no means guaranteed, and demonstrating to funding agents that the project is integral to projects to a broad range of users is essential. For this reason your letter is essential.

Please address your letter to the IOBIO project Principal Investigator Gabor Marth. Use the button below to upload your letter as a PDF, Word, or plain text file, preferrably using the letterhead of your institution. Or, if you like, you can email it directly to the IOBIO team.

Here is a simple template to help you get started.

How do you use IOBIO?

In addition to a letter of support, we would love to hear how you use IOBIO in your research. The more information we have, the more we can refine the apps to your needs. If you have any research, blog posts etc. featuring IOBIO that we could use for promotional material for IOBIO, we would really appreciate it! You can email the IOBIO team (or fill in the form above) with papers, links, or any comments/suggestions that you have to improve IOBIO. We will use this information in IOBIO blog posts, presentations etc. benefitting both the IOBIO project and also your own work.